Your phone is ALWAYS receiving and sending radiation.

Without it, you can’t send or receive calls – or look up random stuff like: “What can I do with unripe macadamia nuts?”

The radiation from your phone is called non-ionising radiation and it has an effect on you at a biological level. Right down at a cellular level. This means that every single cell in your body is affected, all the time.

It is only a small dose so you might not necessarily think it would make a big difference but, when it’s delivered constantly into your body, it can. A bit like Chinese water torture…

These days it goes on all the time.  Think about how you use your phone.  Do you ever turn it off?  Do you ever switch it into ‘flight’ mode?  Do you carry it in a pocket?  In your bra?

Now start thinking about how many people who use their phone in a similar way to how you use yours.  You are constantly being exposed!

Now think about how a call finds your phone.  Your phone essentially ‘waves’ to a mobile tower and says ‘here I am’ and as you move around it keeps ‘waving’ to the nearest tower.  It does so that when you get a call the towers know where to look for your phone and can connect your call quickly.  As you move around, every time your phone ‘waves’ it emits slightly more radiation than when you are still.  If the tower is further away then you phone is working harder and emitting more radiation.  That is why if you have a poor connection you should move to somewhere that shows a better connection, then your phone is not emitting as much radiation to make a call.

If you think about everyone else moving around with their phones ‘waving’ at towers then you start to get an idea of how much radiation there could be around you.  Chinese water torture by radiation.

What all of this means is that your cells are not getting a break which is why you feel ‘flat’ or tired.  Turning your own phone and your Wi-Fi off at night at least reduces the amount or radiation close to you but will not change what is happening from sources you have no control over.

There are many other small useful changes you can make to reduce the effect of phone radiation on your body, such as how far you are away from a tower and where you carry your phone.

Download my Tips for Safer Phone Use document to find out more.

In the meantime, if you do nothing else, switch your phone into flight mode when you go to bed.

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Oh, and macadamia nuts… you need to dry them out for a few weeks until the nut rattles in the shell 🙂