The hidden reason behind how you are feeling.

Do you feel stressed when you drive your car?  Or tired at the end of a day driving?

It may not just be because of other drivers on the road or the distances you have covered.

You may feel tired and stressed because of your car.

The more recent your car is, with more connectivity means the more non-ionising radiation there is in your car.

The difficulty with a car is that because it is largely made of metal it acts like a Faraday cage and the radiation is reflected around the inside of the vehicle.  You can help to reduce this by turning things off and by opening the windows but you will still have a lot of radiation inside your car that you are exposed to while you are driving.


Recently a friend of mine showed me this video

It has been edited and comes from a German current affair style of program.

While I am aware of the effects of devices and connectivity in a car or an enclosed space, I know that many people are not.  So I thought I would share this with you.


After I showed this video to another friend they asked me how to reduce the effect which made me realise that I need to make sure people know that there are ways to reduce the effect of all non-ionising radiation.

The best solution I know of is a personalFloww because there are a number of different fields active in your car, lower frequency fields created from the car engine, the drive shaft and radial tyres spinning, as well as higher frequency fields from mobile phones, Bluetooth and wireless devices and the personalFLoww is designed to work with all of those frequencies.

Other things you can do are turn off any devices in the car that you are not using and open the windows.  These will help but you still need to drive your car so there are some things you cannot change.