Everyone has had the experience of having a bad night’s sleep at some stage. I know I did when my daughter was a baby but I knew it was for a relatively short period of time.   That didn’t make getting through each sleep-deprived day easier though.

Some of the symptoms of being short changed on sleep are things like being grumpy or snappy, foggy thinking, just feeling tired, having low energy, not being interested in doing much and being emotional.

It is possible to go on functioning with sub-standard sleep but sooner or later it is going to take its toll.

So if you wake up tired most of the time and you can’t figure out why then it may be the radiation around you.

I’m not talking about gamma rays or X-rays but rather the non-ionising radiation or EMF that is supposedly safe.

EMF is generated by our electrical gadgets and it has been shown to have a direct effect on melatonin production.

If you haven’t come across melatonin before it is known as ‘the sleep hormone’ but if your sleep is problematic you probably already know that.

What you need to do is have a really close look in and around your bedroom and remove any of your electronic items.

Look for :-

  • Phone beside your bed. Include your cordless or DECT phone. Cordless phones often emit more EMF than a mobile phone.
  • TV. Big screen TV’s can emit a lot of radiation especially if they are Wi-Fi enabled and you operate them using a remote control.
  • Bedside clock. Especially if it is electrical.
  • Electric blanket. I know it is summer but many people leave these plugged in and on at the wall. These can be a surprisingly large part of the problem for some people because they are so close to your body.   As it gets colder try not using the electric blanket but if you must then turn it off and unplug it from the wall when you get into bed.

Those are the main things but you may have other electrical things. Just move them out of your bedroom.

Now have a good look at where your bed is and what is on the other side of the wall and where your power points are.

You are looking specifically for things that could be emitting strong fields and especially if they are near your head when you are sleeping.

Be aware of power boxes, fuse boxes, modems or large appliances especially TV’s or fridges and if they are directly behind the wall your bed is on then move your bed.

Also, turn off your Wi-Fi modem at night. It creates a disruptive field and you don’t need it while you are asleep.

These are relatively simple changes you can make that can give you a  much better night’s sleep which can help you to feel so much better as you go about your life.

Be aware of what changes for you because you may not notice that your sleep is better!

Of course if you have severe sleep problems you should always consult your medical practitioner.

Photo credit: Kevin Grieve, Unsplash