Today, I thought I’d give you a bit of an idea of what happens to your blood when you use a mobile phone.

The most important thing to realize about non ionizing radiation or EMF as a whole, is that it’s affecting us at a biological level.  This means it is impacting our cells and one of the things it does is reduce the ability of our blood to transport oxygen.

Even though you may not necessarily feel an impact when you use or carry your phone some people do and they feel it as headaches, tingling, sometimes what gets called ‘brain fog’ or foggy thinking.  A lot of people don’t notice an effect or they may not link it to their phone.  Because we all carry phones with us for large portions of the day how they are feeling becomes their new ‘normal’.

This is a dark field photo, which is used to show blood cells, and these little circles are red blood cells.  You can see how they separated out and which means they can move around the body. And in case you didn’t know red blood cells are kind of flat discs, which gives them a large surface area so that they can carry and deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body and take away carbon dioxide and waste products.

What happens when you use a phone though, is this.  

You can see how the red blood cells are all clumped together and what this means is the surface area of the red blood cells is drastically reduced. Which means that you’re not getting enough oxygen around your body and there’s not enough waste product being carried away. The end result is that your body’s not functioning as well as it could overall. This sort of response can happen in a very short period of time, just five minutes will make a difference to what is happening with your blood flow and it takes much longer for the body to get back to normal afterwards. So just putting down your phone after you have finished your call is not going to immediately reverse the effect.

We really need to be thinking about how we use our phones where and how we carry our phones and what we’re doing with them when we are not using them.  If you missed it in a previous article, you can access download Tips For Safer Phone Use

These photographs come from a case study that was done with the mobileFloww.  You can access the whole case study from the Bio Circuitry website here.