ULM Blanket

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The Recovery Blanket

The ULM Recovery Blanket and accessories are also known as OLM blanket, Blanket with person for webTherapeutic Multilayered Blanket (TMB), Energy blanket and Healing blanket and various permutations of this.

We call it the Recovery Blanket because that best describes the outcome after using the blanket.

The Recovery Blanket and accessories are made from several very fine (one micron thick) layers of metallised polyurethane which block external electromagnetic frequencies and reflect inwards the body’s own very high frequency and infra-red energy.  The body does not need to protect against the external energies and so is able to redistribute this infra-red energy across the whole surface.  Many users experience a warming effect as a result of this redistribution.

The Recovery Blanket has a general effect on the body and users mostly report feeling more relaxed and more energised.

Generally, 20 to 40 minutes in the blanket is suffucient to achieve results and daily use can result in lasting change.

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