Pain relief device for pain management at home or on the go


The sanaKey is a personal device for home treatment of acute and chronic pain, the improvement of blood circulation, passive muscle stimulation and improvement and recovery of function.

Your sanakey device delivers a bioadaptive impulse when you apply it to your skin.

Application to injured skin is not recommended.

Treatment is usually conducted by moving your sanaKey on your skin and a treatment session can range from a few minutes to a one hour maximum.

Key devices are primarily used by trained professionals but may also be employed by trained private users.

sanaKey personal pain relief device functions

The Sanakey personal pain relief device offers you two different forms of treatment:


In this mode your sanaKey works with bidirectional and adapted impulses.
A total of 5 special programs are available:
Basic, Sedation, Activation, Harmonisation and Relaxation


 Keyphoresis is a form of iontophoresis.
In this setting you can use your device to help introduce medicinal ointments and cosmetics into the skin.

sanaKey contraindications to use

  • People who have a pacemaker or other electrically implanted device;
  • Electrode placement over malignant tumours;
  • Electrode placement over open wounds;
  • Women who are pregnant;
  • People prone to seizures;
  • Intoxication

Note: Always read the user manual and use as directed. If symptoms persist contact your doctor or health professional.

sanaKey Side effects

Bioadaptive impulse therapy is extremely low in side effects. However, the following cases can be understood to be side effects.

During treatment, symptoms may intensify as the body responds to the impulse.

In individual cases, this may be accompanied by increased pain, sore muscles or other reactions. These usually decrease after a short period of time time. If you experience these for longer, stop using your device for a few days and consult a health professional if needed.

The steel the electrodes are made from do contain traces of nickel so if you have a strong nickel allergy you may experience skin irritation from the application of the electrode.

sanaKey areas of application

The Sanakey personal pain relief device is specially designed for personal use. Whether you treat yourself or have a relative do it for you, the intuitive operation and the training provided make it child’s play to use. It’s an ideal companion for sports and traveling, due to its size and long-lasting rechargeable battery.

In the comfort of your home

Use the sanakey personal pain relief device comfortably and safely at home. Treat yourself or your relatives.

For worry- free travels

Thanks to the long-lasting rechargeable battery, you can use the Sanakey personal pain relief device on long journeys on the road.

One charge can last up to 6 hours or more of continuous use and is ready for use again after charging within 2 hours.

High-performance and recreational sports

The Sanakey personal pain relief device is extremely portable, which makes it easy to transport and use. This makes it ideal for use before, during, and after sports!

The functional principle of bioadaptive impulse therapy


Impulse emission

 Your sanaKey emits the first impulse, or signal, as soon as you place it on your skin.


Pulse absorption

This signal, however, only penetrates your skin to a depth of about a tenth of a millimeter.

Your skin receptors then process this stimulus.


Pulse transmission

Once your body has absorbed the impulse, the information is transferred to the spinal level and passed on through your body.


Impulse adaptation

The “response reaction” from your body, in the form of a change in tissue resistance properties, is measured by sanakey within microseconds.

The renewed impulse delivery is then already adapted to this “body response”

sanaKey pain relief device users

“Sanakey worked! I did two treatments yesterday(about ten minutes each) and the pain is 80% gone this morning. I didn’t wake in the night in pain or need pain killers.” – Darren

I use sanaKey to help manage the pain from arthritis in both my hands. Regular sanaKey use means I have fewer ‘bad’ days.– Wendy J.

sanaKey available as

optional accessories

matrix electrode


trigger electrode


comb electrode


leads electrode


base station


sanaKey basic course 

Benefit from training for key series devices from the experience and know-how of professionals! Easy- to-Learn sanaKey Treatment

Get the best from your sanakey. Download the free online course so you can use your sanaKey to its full potential. The course covers a walkthrough of how to use your device, the optional add-on accessories and common treatment protocols. Get the app for your phone so you can refer to it for help any where you may be.

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