Late last year, Floww International, the manufacturer of Floww Health Technology products which convert electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other high-tech communication devices into biological, natural body frequencies, released a remarkable video.  This video comes from the private archive of Professor Anna van Wersch Ph.D. and contains unique images of her husband and herself while testing their blood.  This experiment took place as preparation for larger, similar research into the effect of the mobileFloww® device.

Anna van Wersch is a professor at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, England, and an authority in the field of Health Psychology.  For this reason Floww International asked her to conduct research into the effects of Floww® Health Technology.  Research is now being carried out in the Netherlands where the effect of radiation from a mobile phone is being tested on blood and being viewed with the use of a CytoCam.  The extent to which this effect is reversed when a mobileFloww®, a kind of radiation transformer, is attached to the phone, is examined in a similar way.
As preparation for this research, Anna van Wersch took the acid test and examined her own blood and that of her husband using a Dark Field Microscope, a less advanced predecessor of the CytoCam.

The tests were conducted by Ms Hubner Sangitama of Humaniversity and were recorded on video by Professor van Wersch herself.  They show how radiation from the mobile phone causes the red blood cells to clump together.  Quite remarkably, the blood of her husband shows an even healthier picture when using the mobileFloww®, than at the baseline measurement.  See the video

Floww® Health Technology was developed by Dutchman Jim Wagenaar.  In the nineties he foresaw an irreversible increase in the amount of electromagnetic radiation.  He also noted that more and more people had health problems which they attributed to radiation.  Knowing that the human body itself also possesses a broad range of frequencies, he conceived the idea that radiation from outside could possibly be converted into body natural frequencies.  Based on this, he developed a unique method which has now become known as Floww® Health Technology.  Users of this technology indicate that they experience more peace and vitality.

Jim Wagenaar’s method is of great importance in a time when radiation is only increasing. According to the University of Utrecht, already 3 to 10 % of the European population claims to suffer health problems due to radiation.  For agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Council of Europe, this has been sufficient cause for concern.

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