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screenFloww: Unleash the Power of EMF Radiation Protection for Your Screens!

Are you aware that your beloved screens, be it your computers, tablets, or televisions, are silently emitting harmful EMF radiation even when they’re in standby mode? It’s time to take control of your well-being and create a healthier environment around your displays.

Enter screenFloww, the ultimate solution designed to combat the negative effects of EMF radiation.

Imagine sitting near your computer or tablet and feeling a newfound sense of peace and vitality. Many users report increased clarity of thinking and enhanced focus, enabling them to fully engage with their devices and accomplish tasks with ease.

So, how does screenFloww work its ‘magic’?

Simply place the screenFloww within a 20 cm radius of your screen, and let its innovative circuitry take over.

The screenFloww cleverly harnesses the surrounding man-made energy, converting it into a field of natural body frequencies known as the ‘Floww Field.’ Here’s the fascinating part: the more radiation present in your environment, the more powerful the screenFloww becomes, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

To fully grasp the principle behind the groundbreaking Floww technology, we invite you to watch this enlightening video:

The screenFloww creates a field of natural body frequencies that envelops your screen, extending its range up to one meter.

Embrace the power of screenFloww and transform your digital experience into one of serenity, clarity, and unwavering focus.

With screenFloww, you can bask in the embrace of EMF radiation protection and relish the newfound harmony it brings to your digital world.


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