The sanakey is a personal biofeedback device for home treatment of acute and chronic pain, and improvement and restoration of function.

Price includes: sanaKey + Charging cable & teaching material) + standard interchangeable head + case + sanakey User Manual and Therapy Guide

Technical Information Bioregulation mode

  • Basic: Default Frequency with other impulse parameters inactive.
  • Sedation: High frequency combined with amplitude modulation
  • Activation: Low Frequency with damped pulses.
  • Harmonisation: Different standard frequency, high and low intensity interval
  • Relaxation: Different standard frequency with modified interval and intensity

Key-phoresis mode

  • Key-phoresis Acid: Electroplating for producing an ion flow for acid topical preparations
  • Key-phoresis Alkaline: Electroplating to produce an ion flux for alkaline topical preparations

Contraindications to use

  • People who have a pacemaker or other electrically implanted device;
  • Electrode placement over malignant tumours;
  • Electrode placement over open wounds;
  • Women who are pregnant;
  • People prone to seizures;
  • Intoxication

Note Always read the user manual and use as directed. If symptoms persist contact your doctor or health professional.








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