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personalFloww: Your Ultimate EMF Radiation Protection On-The-Go!

In our modern world, electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) surrounds you wherever you go.

Whether you’re attending a crucial business meeting, working in a client’s office, unwinding at a Wi-Fi-enabled bar or restaurant, or even enjoying a well-deserved vacation, wireless networks are omnipresent.

Floww Health Technology has crafted the perfect solution for anyone who is on the move: personalFloww.

Imagine carrying a powerful shield that creates a naturally healthy environment around you, safeguarding you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation, no matter where you are. With personalFloww, this becomes your reality. Slip it into your pocket, tuck it in your bag, or effortlessly wear it in your jacket. Remember, personalFloww should always be kept on your person or within close proximity.

When night falls, you can rest easy by placing your personalFloww on your bedside table or discreetly tucked beneath your pillow, continuing to provide protection while you sleep.

personalFloww Small or Medium?

The personalFloww comes in two sizes to ensure tailored protection.

The small version is developed for women and children under 12 years.

The medium version is more powerful than the small version and is more suitable for men and boys over 12 years.

Unlocking the Science Behind personalFloww

By harnessing the surrounding electromagnetic radiation, personalFloww employs cutting-edge technology to generate natural body frequencies within its circuit, creating what we call the “Floww Field.” Within this extraordinary field, users experience an unparalleled sense of tranquility and vitality.

The personalFloww device draws its energy from the ambient radiation in your vicinity. As a result, the more radiation present, the stronger and more robust the Floww Field becomes.

Unleash Your Personal Two-Meter ‘Bubble’

Step into your own personal sanctuary with personalFloww. This remarkable device creates a dynamic Floww Field, spanning approximately a two-meter diameter around you. Please note that the exact range may vary based on the ambient radiation levels.

For optimal effectiveness, we advise keeping your personalFloww close to your body, such as in a trouser pocket. By doing so, you ensure the device remains within 50 centimeters of you, producing the desired protective effect.

Experience the personalFloww difference and embrace a world of enhanced well-being wherever life takes you. Your journey to EMF radiation protection starts here!







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