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The officeFloww set has been developed to support and maintain the natural energy of humans, animals and plants in workplaces or larger homes charged with radiation. Floww Health Technology does not fight the existing radiation but uses it instead – the radiation is converted. A Floww product consists of a circuit of small electronic components. Floww Health Technology responds to radiation emitted from one or more sources of radiation, such as mobile phones, DECT cordless phone, or UMTS masts.
Throughout your office a Floww field is created through the balanced interaction of the different parts of the set, and in doing so they help to promote and maintain a sense of ease and vitality in the body.
The balanced interaction of the different parts of the set creates a Floww Field throughout your workplace. Your office then becomes a place where you and your employees really do feel at home resulting in happier employees and increased productivity.

How it works
The Floww products in the officeFloww set were developed in accordance with the principle of resonance and consist of circuits of electronic components which respond to radiation emitted by one or several radiation sources, such as a GSM or UMTS mast.
The Floww products resonate with the radiation and create a subtle but distinct field that is ‘fed’ by the radiation source(s). This field, called a Floww Field by the manufacturer, serves to offset possibly harmful radiation.

In principle the officeFloww set has a range of 3,000 cubic metres.  The range may be reduced if surrounding radiation fields are extremely strong.


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