Motto Rheuma Patch is easy to use and long lasting which makes it a cost effective addition to your pain management regime. Simply stick a piece of the patch on the painful area and get on with your life.

The sanaKey is a personal device for home treatment of acute and chronic pain, the improvement of blood circulation, passive muscle stimulation and improvement and recovery of function.

Are You Looking For a Simple, Cost Effective Pain Solution?

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Sanakey Pain relief and pain management at home or on the go

The Sanakey personal pain relief device is specially designed for personal use. Whether you treat yourself or have a relative do it for you, the intuitive operation and the training provided make it child’s play to use. It’s an ideal companion for sports and traveling, due to its size and long-lasting rechargeable battery.

    ✓ In the comfort of your home

    ✓ For worry – free travels

    ✓ High-performance and recreational sports

    What Can You Use Motto Rheuma Patch For?

    Motto Rheuma Patch is ideal for temporary pain relief due to:

    • Acute strains – including nerve pain, muscle sprain and sporting injuries.
    • Chronic pain – including joint pain, lumbago and rheumatic complaints.

    Acute and chronic pain can keep you from enjoying life. Motto Rheuma Patch is easy to use, long lasting and can be effective for up to 7 days. Put a patch on your pain and get back into your life.

    ✓ Long lasting

    ✓ Mineral Compound

    ✓ Water Resistant

    ✓ Drug Free

    What Clients Say

    What people are saying about our Pain Relief products

    Having suffered with many aches and pains associated with my job training animals I regularly use Motto Patches and honestly could not be without them now. At the first hint of pain I put on a patch and within a short period of time I feel it working.

    From neck pain to an old ankle injury I found the patches remarkable and could not recommend it highly enough.

    Fabulous value for money as you can cut the patch into multiple pieces – unlike anything on the market.

    Jill (Southern Highlands)

    As I mentioned on the phone, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Motto pain patches. Within 5 minutes of putting on a patch the pain just disappears. At first I thought it might be a coincidence or a placebo effect, but after more than a dozen times I now admit it’s the patches working ‘their stuff’. My husband and I are about to start travelling with our caravan full-time so I am very pleased to have something that helps with the on-going pain in my neck and back.

    Thanks for your help with this,

    Tracey (Queensland)

    Sanakey worked! I did two treatments yesterday(about ten minutes each) and the pain is 80% gone this morning. I didn’t wake in the night in pain or need pain killers.


    I use sanaKey to help manage the pain from arthritis in both my hands. Regular sanaKey use means I have fewer ‘bad’ days.  

    Wendy J.

    Do You Have Any Questions?

    Here are some of our most-asked questions, if you have others please contact us.

    What kind of pain does the Rheuma Patch work for?

    It will help with most kinds of pain because it is prompting a response from your body.  It will not ‘heal’ your body but will provide pain relief.  So if you have high levels of pain it may not completely go away but will be reduced.  In the same way as other forms of pain relief you may need to reapply, just not as frequently.

    How long will a pack of the Rheuma Patches last?

    That depends on the size of the painful area and how big it is.  If you have a large painful area you will need a bigger piece of the patch.

    So, for example, if you cut a patch into thirds then you will over 40 days of pain relief from one pack.  If you cut it into halves your will have up to 28 days.

    Some people do not leave a patch on for the entire 10 days for various reasons so this can reduce the total application time as well.

    Can I reuse the Rheuma Patch?

    No, once you have removed a patch you will need to throw it away and use another piece of patch.

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