What Happens in a Professional Therapy Session?

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What Happens in a Professional Therapy Session?

The RITM SCENAR or physiokey is a hand held electrotherapeutic device which is applied to the skin – usually on the painful area.

Your therapist will adjust the device until you feel a comfortable sensation, often this is a ‘pins and needles’ or mild prickling sensation – it does not need to be painful to have an effect. If the sensation is too strong let your therapist know and they will readjust the setting.

Your therapist will ask you to demonstrate the painful movement and to give it a ‘level of pain’. This is to set a benchmark so that you and your therapist can measure the changes from your session.

A typical therapy session will last approximately 45 minutes – up to an hour for your first session. Often after as little as 10 minutes of therapy there will be a reduction in your pain and generally your pain will be reduced, and your range of motion will be increased, at the end of your session although you may find that you still have some pain and restriction of movement. Many people find they get ongoing improvement for some time after the therapy session.

Your therapist will ask you to be aware of what changes for you and for how long and if you notice other unexpected changes – this will help your therapist to determine the best treatment process for you.