Pain Relief Therapy

At Bio Circuitry we use interactive biofeedback delivered by a RITM SCENAR device or a physiokey device to provide relief for acute and chronic pain.

Interactive biofeedback therapy can be effective for:

  • Long-standing chronic pain which has not responded to other forms of therapy,
  • Flare-ups of old injuries which cause ongoing discomfort and pain,
  • Post-surgical recovery,
  • New injuries.

Most people will notice a change in the initial session however a number of sessions is likely to be required in most circumstances.

And the best bit? – We come to you!!

Call Bio Circuitry on 0403 794 332 to make an appointment or to discuss whether SCENAR or Key Therapy may be suitable for you.

What is Interactive biofeedback?

What happens in a Professional Therapy Session?