Why Your Phone Makes You Feel Flat

Your phone is ALWAYS receiving and sending radiation. Without it, you can't send or receive calls - or look up random stuff like: "What can I do with unripe macadamia nuts?" The radiation from your phone is called non-ionising radiation and it has an effect on you at...

Road Trip!

As part of our relationship with InnerOrigin Libby will be heading North from Sydney and presenting at a series of InnerOrigin events up to Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Libby will be talking about the health effects of non-ionising radiation (EMF) from sources such as...

2017 Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day in NSW is celebrated on Sunday 29th October and as part of our involvement with Seniors Card we are running a special on our Motto Rheuma Patches which will run through to Friday 3rd November. It's a 2 for 1 special which is great value and you can...

Wireless Devices and Biological Effects

Free public lecture by Devra Davis at UNSW on Wed 18th November. Get along and educate yourself! Here's the link http://www.cle.unsw.edu.au/courses-seminars/2015/10/wireless-devices-biological-effects-free-public-lecture-dr-devra-davis

Bio Circuitry is born!

Today sees the start of a new but very experienced player in the field of healthcare. Biocircuitry is officially launched and open for business. Our aim is to provide professional services to manage and alleviate pain through Scenar therapy and other practices.