How Does Motto Rheuma Patch Work?

How Does the Motto Rheuma Patch Provide Pain Relief?

Motto Rheuma Patch was developed in Hungary by Otto Mallász and in 1992 the patches were the gold medal winning invention at the 41st World Fair for inventions.
Each patch is impregnated with a mineral compound which, when it comes into contact with the skin, creates a micro-current response from the body. It is this intrinsic response from the body which delivers pain relief.

How does Motto Rheuma Patch work?
The Motto Rheuma Patch creates a micro-current when the patch comes into contact with skin moisture (sweat).

This small electrolytic current causes the muscles and nervous system to respond by inducing pain relief which can be effective for considerable periods.

How You Apply Motto Rheuma Patch
Cut the Motto Rheuma Patch to the required size and apply directly to clean, dry, healthy skin for localised pain relief.Motto patch on skin

Apply low pressure with your hand over the patch for a few seconds to help activate the electric current.

Long Lasting
The patch can be left on the skin for up to 10 days as long as good hygiene is maintained.

Water Restistant
Motto Rheuma Patch is water resistant and can be worn during showering or water activities such as swimming.

Motto Rheuma Patch does contain LATEX and this may cause aa skin reaction in some people. If irritation occurs, remove the patch.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist contact your doctor or health professional.