Living Well in a Wireless World

How to get the best from your Floww product

Floww is all about making the technology you use every day more natural so that it is less impactful on your health and wellbeing.

The whole ethos around the Floww technology is to use the man-made frequencies from devices to provide the energy to power the Floww products.  In the science world this is called ‘resonant theory’. 

If this doesn’t ring any bells then think of tuning forks and how, if you sound one tuning fork and then hold it close to a second tuning fork, the second tuning fork will start to sound also. That is an example of resonant theory.

The Floww devices use the surrounding energy to power the circuit that is inside them, this is often called energy harvesting.  There are other devices now which are starting to use similar technology.

Humans and Electromagnetism

Humans are electromagnetic beings and require fields for good health.  We evolved walking on the Earth, being impacted by the electromagnetic fields from the Earth, the Sun, people, animals and plants.

All of these fields are subtle, they have an effect but it is rarely harmful.  They often have an impact and sometimes we describe this as a ‘sixth sense’.

Almost everyone has had some kind of experience where they have walked into a room and ‘felt’ the ‘vibe’ or energy in the room.  Sometimes it is uplifting and sometimes it is not.

The increase in man-made fields to power the technology we use and love means that our cells resonate with these man-made fields instead of with the Earth’s natural field which we evolved with.

Spending time in nature and away from technology is relaxing and allows our stress response to recover.

The Floww product is not changing the radiation, it is changing the way your body responds to the radiation.

Using a Floww device, especially a personalFloww or a homeFloww, means that, over time, your body is able to deal with issues other than the impact from man-made radiation.  This can often mean that you sleep better, feel more energetic and vital.  It can also mean that you build resilience as your body will naturally work towards balance.

The Floww Product Range

The Floww range is designed to interact and provide a more comprehensive solution as you add products to your arsenal.

It is a complete range of non-ionising radiation products to ensure living with technology is more ‘natural’.

Here is a breakdown of how each one is best used.

mobilefloww - Living in a wireless world

mobileFloww to use on your phone or tablet.

In today’s world having something on your mobile phone to combat radiation is the most obvious starting point for many people.

The mobileFloww is basically a small square antenna that sticks to the back of your phone, or on your phone’s cover.

It will suit any phone or small, portable device that uses the same frequency bandwidth that mobile phones operate in – 3G, 4G and 5G (6G is coming and allowances have been made for that also).

Because it is effective for bandwidth and not developed to suit a particular phone model it is much more versatile than many other products on the market. 

You can use it on mobile phones, obviously, tablets and even cordless phones which many people overlook when they are looking for potential sources of radiation.  Cordless phones can be quite high in the radiation they emit because they are constantly communicating with their base station.

The best way to use your mobileFloww is to stick it on your phone and then simply use your phone as you normally would.

The field emitted by a mobileFloww is approximately 50cm diameter.

Remember, when you get a new phone, or phone case, to swap your mobileFloww from the old one to the new one. 

Doing this means you will get many years of use from your mobileFloww.

Screenfloww - Living in a wireless world

screenFloww for while you use computers, laptops and televisions.

The screenFloww is similar in many ways to the mobileFloww.  It is designed to be effective for the same high frequency bandwidth because Wi-Fi uses that bandwidth.

The screenFloww is portable so you can carry is with you when you travel and place it near whichever screen you are using and it will create a field of approximately one meter diameter.

The best way to use is it to place it within 20cm of your computer screen, laptop or television.

Remember that many screens still emit radiation when they are in standby so when you move your screenFloww from one screen to another make sure you turn the device you are not using off.

personalFloww to keep with you whenever you are out and about.

The personalFloww is designed to be effective for the same high frequency bandwidths as the mobileFloww and screenFloww and it is also effective for the low frequencies like those from geofields, or earth fields, and the wiring in the walls.

In many ways this makes the personalFloww a more comprehensive solution and a really great starting point when you are dealing with ambient radiation.

There are two sizes available, a small for women and children under 12 and a medium for men.  The reason for the different sizes is that women are more sensitive to fields in general and so are also more sensitive to the Floww field so do not require a field that is as strong.

Floww in their wisdom, do not differentiate in the cost so that everyone can get the correct device for them without using price as a decision factor.

The personalFloww also has additional software which allows it to adapt to your own biofield to ensure individual, tailored protection.  This means that in the first two weeks after you get your personalFloww you shouldn’t hand it around to other people but keep it close to you while it sets itself to you.

The field created by the personalFloww is about a two meter field.  I like to think of is as my own personal two meter ‘bubble’

You can use your personalFloww when travelling and it can be carried on aeroplanes.  For security screening simply place in the tray with your other small personal items and pick it up again on the other side.

personalfloww - living in a wireless world

All Floww products are water resistant but are not waterproof so try not to take your personalFloww swimming with you.

To be most effective your personalFloww needs to be withing 50cm of your body.  This means you should carry it in your pocket, a bag and I know some women carry theirs in their bra.  There are also small pouches available so that you can carry them in these around your neck or on a keyring.

homeFloww to make your home a refuge and officeFloww to feel more relaxed at work

The homeFloww and officeFloww are similar in functionality, the officeFloww creates a larger field so is appropriate for larger spaces.

The homeFloww creates a field of approximately 1000 cubic meters and the officeFloww around 3000 cubic metres.

These come as a kit instead of a single device because the area they need to cover is bigger and the potential sources are more.

Like the personalFloww, they are effective for high frequency and low frequency radiation.

These larger devices provide a solution for those larger areas and mean that when you are inside the field there is no need to keep your personalFloww with you.

homefloww and officefloww - living in a wireless world

When we sleep, we heal so having a homeFloww means that you can sleep in the best possible environment to allow your body to recover from the stressors of the day and wake refreshed and ready for a new day.

Easy to Use and Long Lasting

Developed and manufactured in The Netherlands using Dutch practicality, Floww devices are designed to last many years.

Because there are no batteries, and the devices are ‘energy harvesting’ there is no need to remember to charge your Floww device or batteries to buy and dispose of.  Set up your devices or carry them with you, whichever is applicable.

floww products - living in a wireless world

Overall, the Floww products are a cost effective, long term solution for better wellbeing and vitality.  They work all the time, are easy to use and don’t require any maintenance.