Jim was born in Holland in 1950 and quickly found the way he saw the world was different from other people.  “For example in a yellow flower I would see all the colours of the rainbow instead of just yellow.   I learned quickly not to mention this –  I did not want to be an outsider.”
The encounter which would determine his future occurred when he was sixteen.  “I was at a friend’s house and there was a farmer with a divining rod who was measuring the house and land.  My curiosity was aroused and I wanted to know what he was doing, he asked me if I wanted to try it myself which of course I did because I found it fascinating.  And that’s what it was.  Magical!  From that moment on, I immersed myself in the study of radiation.
At that time there was little or no training in The Netherlands so I did building biology training in Germany followed by biophysical training.  I now understood that radiation could affect health.  That farmer had not been a diviner for nothing he knew the earth’s magnetic field could affect his crops and once you understand that principle the step to human health is not so great.”
Jim established himself as a therapist.  “During my training, I learned that radiation also plays a role in non-radiation related complaints.  Even the auto-immune system of people who appear not to be sensitive to radiation are affected  making their healing process more difficult.  In other words, if I did not first treat people for radiation, all my other efforts would be useless.  From then on I told people that if they would not first allow treatment for radiation, I could not help them.”
Jim was increasingly consulted about health problems which were hard to explain.   Olympic show jumper Jan Tops consulted him after two transmission masts had been placed on his property and his horses’ concentration and endurance levels had dropped.   “The beauty of working with animals is that there is no question of a placebo effect.  Animals have no idea what you are doing to them – there’s no ‘mind’ in between so when they benefit from a treatment that really says something.  This said, I do think that the placebo effect is an important supporting factor for people.  People really heal themselves –  I just give them the tools.”
While Jim was looking for ways to fight radiation he came to understand it was possible to use radiation in a positive way.  “When the first mobile phones arrived on the market, it became clear to me that wireless technology would become increasingly important and this process could not be reversed.  Fighting radiation was therefore pointless.  In my youth I had practised Kung Fu for a while and had learned how to use the strength of an opponent to my own benefit it was this same principle I used to develop Floww.”
Jim began experimenting with frequencies, coils and capacitors – the start of a long process until he had finally developed the ideal prototype. “With this prototype I formed a test group of individuals with a high sensitivity to radiation and without exception all of them felt the effects of the device.  Marc Schechtl (CEO of Floww International) was a member of that test group and he said to me, ‘Jim, this discovery will conquer the world.’ I answered ‘Fine’, but, honestly, that wasn’t on my mind at all.  I just want to help people and I had a practice full of people who experienced health complaints related to radiation.  These people were the ones I was doing it for.  Now Floww is indeed being introduced all over the world.  It is used by many thousands of people I’ve never seen and my business card says R&D Director.  Quite frankly this still stuns me sometimes for I never dreamed it would become this big.”

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