How to get the most from using your Motto Rheuma patch

The Motto Rheuma Patch Difference

The Motto Rheuma patch is a bit different from most other pain relief patches on the market in Australia because it is a device which prompts a response from your body rather than a patch which delivers something through the skin, or working as a result of heating the painful area.

It is the combination of the mineral compound in the patch, moisture from your body, and your body which prompts a microcurrent or electrolytic current response, from your body.  It is this response which provides the pain relief.  So, it is your body using its own pain relief resources.

Most people don’t know that your body has its own painkillers or opiates.  They are called endogenous opiates and they are part of your body’s natural response to pain. 

You have very likely heard stories of people who have had some kind of big injury but doesn’t feel any pain as a result of this.  Part of the reason for this is endogenous opiates.  There are other factors too but the thing to remember is that your body has incredible resources that most people don’t make use of.

While the Motto patch is not working in exactly that way, it is a body response that provides the pain relief, not anything that the patch delivers.

The inventor of the Motto Rheuma patch was Otto Mallaz and he won the Gold medal at the 1992, 41st World Fair for Invention in Brussels.  That may be a long time ago now but you only get to win something like that once.

Why a patch?

Motto comes as a patch because there is not really any other way to get the required response from your body.

The other great thing about it being a patch is that you can pretty much just put is on where your pain is and forget about it.  Most people may experience targeted pain relief within 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on your own individual response. 

This can vary enormously and I have been with people who notice a difference in their pain immediately, and others who don’t really notice much at all until they realise later that their pain is a lot less.

Motto Rheuma Patch

That is one of the weird things about pain.  We tend not to notice when it isn’t around but we surely know when it is there!

One of my friends had this experience when she was skiing.  She hurt her knee but because she had spent a lot on a skiing holiday, there was not way she was going to miss out on skiing the next day.  So, she cut up a Motto Rheuma patch and put it all around her knee where she had hurt it.  The next day she went skiing.  By lunchtime she was still complaining about how painful her knee was and how the patch wasn’t don’t its job.  At the end of the day, after a full day of skiing, her knee was quite painful so she took the patches off because she thought they weren’t working.  Suddenly she discovered exactly how much the Motto had been working because her pain level went right up!  She quickly put a new Motto on her knee but decided that perhaps she would give her knee a day or two to heal as well.  She didn’t want to ruin her entire holiday.

One tip for people who find that the Motto patch is slow to activate is to drink a glass of water.  Because the patch is relying on skin moisture, or sweat, to help it work, if you are dehydrated then it will take longer to be effective.

The Motto Rheuma patch can be left on the skin for up to 10 days as long as good hygiene is maintained and will provides all day relief in this time.

If you find that it is getting itchy or uncomfortable then just take it off and see what your pain feels like.

There is latex in the patch and some people have a reaction to this so if this is you, then the Motto Rheuma patch is not going to be for you.

I find that I can wear them for about three days and then my skin gets itchy around the patch.  Usually, I also find that I don’t have pain any more either so I don’t need to use another one.

You can cut the Motto Rheuma patch to the size you need.

Another advantage of the Motto being a patch is that there is no need to use the whole patch piece at a time simply cut it to the size you require and apply it to the painful area. 

You can also use it on several painful areas at a time by applying different pieces onto different painful areas.

Because it is not using the same pathway to provide pain relief you can use the Motto Rheuma patch while you are also taking oral medication.  Of course, if you are at all unsure ask your doctor or medical professional.

Motto Rheuma Patch

Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages of the Motto Rheuma patch is that it works out to be quite cheap to use and there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, you can leave the patch on for up to 10 days as long as you keep it clean and you don’t have any kind of skin reaction.  This means that, even if you don’t cut the patch and use the pieces at the size they come in the packet, that the cost per day is around $1.50.

Then, if you cut the patches, because you don’t need something quite so big, the daily cost drops. So, if you cut them in half the cost is around 75 cents ($0.75) a day or if you cut them in thirds then the cost is around 50 cents ($0.50) a day.

Secondly, one pack will give you around 20 days of pain relief.  That does, of course, depend on how you use the patches and means that they work out to be a similar cost to many other kinds of pain relief.

Motto Rheuma patches are water resistant which means that you don’t need to replace them if you get them wet.

They also last for quite a long time so. If you open a pack and then don’t need to use all of it, they will keep for 6 months.

An unopened pack will keep for much longer, up to 5 years depending on how old it is.

Where to use Motto Rheuma Patch

You can use Motto Rheuma patch for a number of painful areas:

Acute strains –including nerve pain, muscle aches or pain, sprain and sporting injuries.

Chronic pain –including joint pain, lumbago and rheumatic complaints.

You can try Motto Rheuma patch on shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, period pain, neck pain, wrist pain and hip pain.

Another advantage is that you can use a Motto Rheuma patch on a flexible joint such as your neck, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Ready to use and easy to apply

Each pack of Motto Rheuma patch contains 2 pieces of thin non-sterile odourless latex adhesive patch which are 13 x 5 cm and can be cut to the size you need.

Because they are thin they are easy to carry in a wallet or purse and don’t show under clothing so no one else needs to know you are wearing them.

To use a Motto Rheuma patch, simply:-

Motto Rheuma Pain Relief Patch. Neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain

1. Cut the patch to the size you need for the painful area,

Motto Rheuma Pain Relief Patch. Neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain

2. Make sure your skin is clean and dry,

Motto Rheuma Pain Relief Patch. Neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain

3. Apply the patch and use low pressure with your hand to help activate the microcurrent under the skin.

And that’s it.  Easy!

Water resistant

Motto Rheuma patches are water resistant which means you can leave them on when you have a shower or swim, or any other type of water sport. 

I have worn them while I was water skiing and I know other people who have worn them while surfing and both of those are a pretty good test.

Removing the Patch

The Motto patches are supposed to stick which means that sometimes getting them off can be tricky. 

For this reason, it is not recommended to use the patches on fragile skin, refer to the precautions section for this.

Soaking the patch in water may help you to remove the patch.  Just wet the patch and wait a few minutes before you try to remove it.

Like any adhesive, there may be slight discomfort when removing a patch which is over skin hair.

Using a food grade oil can help to remove any adhesive reside.

Things you need to know

Motto Rheuma patch is a Class I Medical Device listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and has the ARTG ID number: 238233.  Motto patches come from Hungary and so also have a Global Medical Device Nomenclature, GMDN: 60769.


Like any form of pain relief, Motto Rheuma patch may not be for everyone:

  • Do not use Motto Rheuma Patch on skin which may be susceptible to damage during removal for example: skin of the elderly; young children; or delicate areas.
  • Do not apply on open wounds.
  • Discontinue if irritation occurs and remove patch.
  • This product contains LATEX which may cause a skin reaction for some people. Use as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor or healthcare professional.


Nothing in this article should be taken as medical advice.  If you have any concerns about any health condition consult your doctor or health professional.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist contact your doctor or health professional.