Headsets have been in the news a bit recently.  Specifically, whether using the new Apple wireless headsets, or the Android version, or Bluetooth ones will give you cancer?

They may or they may not. But they will have an effect and cancer may not be it.  Cancer is not always the outcome from exposure to non-ionising radiation but it is the one that will grab headlines. There are a lot of other outcomes people experience as a result of using their phones or headsets and I have covered some of those in previous articles.

A question I’m asked fairly frequently is ‘What about headsets?’ And ‘Isn’t it better if I use a headset?’

Well the answer to those questions is ‘It depends’.

It’s possible that using a headset will reduce your exposure to the radiation from your phone. It is also possible that using a headset will increase your exposure to phone radiation. It depends on the headset and how you use your phone and the combination of these.

If your headset is of the most common kind, which you plug into your phone and then have the buds in your ears, then the radiation will travel along the wires, because the wire is conductive, to your ear. Which could mean that you are delivering the radiation closer to your brain than you would if you were simply talking on your phone.

It also may mean that because you are using a headset, you choose to put your phone in your pocket rather than hold it. If you put your phone in a pocket, especially a breast pocket or in your bra, then you have your phone really close to your organs.  In particular, close to your heart, which is an electronic organ. So your phone will have a much bigger impact than it would otherwise.

So using a headset in the above scenario, you are really increasing your exposure to phone radiation because you have the source of radiation close to your brain and other body organs at the same time.

If you put the phone on a desk while you use a headset, then it’s possible that your exposure is less than if you hold your phone next to your ear but I’m not sure how many people actually do this. Most people I see using headsets have their phone somewhere on their body.

It’s also pretty important to know that any wireless or Bluetooth headset is also broadcasting in the microwave bandwidth.  If you are using one of these then you are wearing an emitting device for a long period of time close to your brain.

Different wireless or Bluetooth headsets may have different emissions, and you may be able to turn some of them off but at the end of the day, you still have it close your head. And I’m not really sure if anyone turns those off even if the capability is there.

If you absolutely have to use a headset, then the best ones are the ‘air tube’ variety because they don’t conduct the sound along a wire but along a tube of air instead, in a similar way to how your ear works.  You still need to be careful about where you put your phone though.

When the air tube headphones first came out I did look at carrying them because I thought they were a great idea and so many people use headsets. But the way people carry their phones when they have a headset defeats the purpose.  You are just moving the source of radiation from one point to another. And often, like I said before, increasing your radiation exposure.

That’s why I choose to carry the Floww products.  Because of the way the Flow products work they help to reduce the effect of the phone radiation on your body.  You still need to be a bit careful about how you use your phone and other devices but the overall effect is less.

So have a look at the mobileFloww as an alternative solution to headsets and if you really, really need a headset have a look for some air tube ones.

To learn More :https://biocircuitry.com.au/floww-emf-protection/mobilefloww/