How Floww Products Work

Inside each of the Floww devices is a circuit which uses resonant technology. 

This circuit puts out a field of natural energy similar to the natural field of the Earth which we evolved with.  The field is made up of different frequencies, not just one frequency, because everything has a field – the Earth, people, animals and plants.  Floww call the field from the Floww devices the ‘Floww Field’

Because we evolved with a natural field our bodies recognise the Floww Field and ‘listen’ or resonate to the Floww field and stop paying attention to all of the man-made frequencies we are surrounded by today. 

Think of it as though your neighbours down the street are having a party and playing their music loudly and you find this annoying.  If you turn up the music in your home, that you like, then you stop being annoyed by your neighbours music and enjoy your own music.  You don’t even notice what your neighbours are doing.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you use a Floww device.  Your body is no longer paying attention and responding to the external man-made radiation so it can do what it does best and you enjoy your life more.

The Floww Principle

Floww Health Technology products all act to reduce the impact of non-ionising radiation on biological systems.  They do this by emitting a field which emulates the Earth’s natural field.

Each Floww device contains a resonant circuit which harvests energy from the surrounding man-made fields so does not require a separate power source.

Based on the Theory of Resonance, think of tuning forks, the natural field from the Floww product is more recognisable for the body and causes the body to ‘listen’ to the field emitted by the Floww device instead of the man-made fields which come from all of our electrical devices. 

The Floww products are all designed to last, are water resistant and do not require batteries so there are no ongoing costs involved after the initial purchase.

If you think of the Floww products working in a similar way to the way a radio works.  You cannot see or hear radio waves but a radio transforms the waves into something you are aware of – sound.   The Floww products are using the man-made radiation to create a field which is harmonious to your body.

Because this new field, the ‘Floww Field’ is harmonious to your body it:

  • Combats the effects of man-made radiation.
  • Helps maintain natural body-friendly frequencies.
  • Eases symptoms of electrohypersensitivity and sensitivity to electromagnetic sources.
  • Promotes vitality and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Aids in promoting increased energy, improved sleep quality and a greater sense of ease and relaxation.
PLEASE NOTE: Floww products are not medical devcies and are not designed to diagnose or cure.  If you have a physical ailment it is always best to seek medical advice.  Floww products should only be used as indicated.
Radiation and the electromagnetic regulation level of the human body
To further explain the way the Floww products work you can view or download this article by Nico Westerman M.D.

Radiation and the electromagnetic regulation level of the human body was published in the February 2013 edition of the Journal of Integrative Medicine.

Nico Westerman has been a General Practitioner in Dordrecht for 19 years and today he is a consultant in acupuncture and biophysical medicine.  He is also the author of several articles and books on the scientific basis of non-conventional medicine.

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