mobileFloww EMF protection for your phone

The mobileFloww provices EMF protection for your phone.  It is the smallest of the Floww Health Technology products but is also one of the most important.

A mobileFloww creates a natural field around your phone.

Suitable for any mobile phone and transferable to your new phone.  See the video below to see how easy it is to change your mobileFloww from one phone to another.

The mobileFloww can also be attached to a DECT phone, again as close as possible to the antenna that receives the signal from the base station.

The mobileFloww device is an essential addition to the homeFloww kit and the personalFloww because the mobile phone is a radiation source to which people are generally exposed to frequently and because the distance between radiation source and user is very small.

Users indicate that they find making calls with a mobileFloww attached to the phone more enjoyable and experience it as less stressful.

How it works
The mobileFloww acts as a transformer and converts the electromagnetic radiation into a field of natural body frequencies, the so-called Floww Field. The energy needed for this is provided by the mobile phone itself: the more radiation, the more powerful the effect of mobileFloww.
The mobileFloww has been especially developed to help protect and maintain the natural energy of the human system while using a mobile phone.

The mobileFloww field has a range of approximately 50 centimetres around the mobile phone.

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