What People are Saying About Floww

personalFloww Story

Towards the end of 2017 I was able to interview Carolyn about her experience with the personalFloww.

This video is quite long and in it Carolyn explains what her original symptoms were and what has changed for her since using a personalFloww.

mobileFloww Story

Louisa was gracious enough to allow me to record her experience with the mobileFloww.

I have not heard of anyone else experiencing this kind of change so this is simply one woman’s experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Floww products are not medical devices and are not designed to diagnose or cure.  If you have a physical ailment it is always best to seek medical advice.  Floww products should only be used as indicated.

personalFloww Testimonial

“Ever since I was young I always had trouble getting to sleep at night and even more trouble waking up the following morning, and when I did I was groggy and moody for a good hour before finally coming around. This was the first thing to change after receiving my personalFloww.  I never thought I could be a “morning person”, I always assumed that I just wasn’t built for the morning but now after having my Floww on my bedside table every night for the last 7 months I wake up feeling refreshed and get to sleep with ease every single night! 

My sleep habits have been the biggest thing to be affected by my Floww but by no means the only thing. Since having it in my pocket on a daily basis for 7 months I have found that my “hot headedness” or short temperament has eased off considerably. I feel more in control of my emotions in general and don’t stress about smaller things as much as I used to.  Also, It is now a rarity for me to suffer from headaches whereas at one time I would have a headache all day long, now when I get them I know it’s because I’m getting sick or it’s from an injury I sustained a long time ago. 

This little metallic tube made it very quickly into the standard “phone, wallet keys” check before leaving to go anywhere and I would recommend it to everyone. Of course everyone is different and will see different results but I strongly believe (as a former skeptic) that everyone will see at least one change with the addition to Floww in their life.”

Chris Rait (UK)

homeFloww Story

“In November 2011 I came in contact with Floww At that time my complaints had made me socially isolated: I just could not function amongst other people. Even my own house wasn’t liveable anymore. I could not watch TV or work behind the computer. Even my favourite hobby, gardening, or just sitting in the garden, became too much. When there was no safe place left in my home, I began to feel threatened by the radiation. After the placement of a homeFloww set, things finally improved. Since then I always carry a personalFloww with me when I go out. Now I can visit my children again or go shopping. I can recommend Floww Health Technology to everyone.”

Wilma Postma, Garmerwolde (The Netherlands)

Floww and Performance

As an NRL player my body is under daily physical and mental duress. I have found that using Floww Health Technology products has helped keep me calm and focussed. Since using the personalFloww and mobileFloww my sleeping pattern is now regular, and I have found that my concentration and focus has dramatically improved. This all adds up to helping me perform at my optimum level. I can’t recommend Floww enough.”

Ben Smith, NRL rugby league footballer (Australia)

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