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Explorative study of the influence of the mobileFloww device on the circulation of the blood flow in the ear using Cytocam incident dark field (IDF) video microscopy

Scientific studies confirm that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (such as from mobile phones, computers, GSM or UMTS masts) can have adverse effects on the body. Anecdotal studies reveal that EMR has a direct influence on the clotting of red blood cells in mobile telephone use (e.g. Krylov et al., 2010), which could be reversed by the use of contra-harmful radiation devices (e.g. Huebner, 2010). Floww Health Technology is designed to eliminate the adverse symptoms of radiation and to support and enhance the natural energy of the body by converting harmful radiation into body friendly radiation frequencies (Westerman, 2013). Anecdotal evidence claims that the Floww Health Technology helps to promote and maintain a sense of well-being and vitality in the body, however to date there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting these claims.

The aim of this pilot study is to assess the influence of the Floww contra-harmful-radiation device on the circulation of blood flow during mobile telephone use.

Clinical Trial into the Effectiveness of the mobileFloww

Anna van Wersch Ph.D. of Teeside University in the UK has been conducting research into the Floww devices and has supplied this video to Floww International from her private archive.

In preparation for the research, Anna van Wersch examined her own blood and that of her husband using a Dark Field Microscope, a less advanced predecessor of the CytoCam which she will use in the trail. The tests were conducted by Ms Hubner Sangitama of Humaniversity and were recorded on video by Professor Van Wersch herself. The video shows how radiation from the mobile phone causes the red blood cells to clump together. Quite remarkably the blood of the husband in particular shows an even healthier picture when using the mobileFloww than at the baseline measurement – the measurement that was performed to determine the initial values of the blood.

Soffos Independent Research
Research institute Soffos from Rijen, which specializes in measuring the effectiveness of (medical) treatment methods, keeps track of the users’ experiences for Floww International. This is done on basis of the well-known and internationally verified SF-36 questionnaire, which users complete twice, with an interval of four months. In mainstream health care, the method used by Soffos is a well-accepted method to measure the quality of life.

The following aspects of health are measured in the research: physical functioning, vitality, health change, social functioning, emotional functioning, general health, mental health and absence of pain. The results indicate that after a four month period, the users of various Floww products on average feel 10 % better. With mental perception scoring lowest (5 %). And vitality, health changes and emotional functioning scoring best, with 11 %, 13 % and 15 % respectively. All observed changes were positive: so no negative changes have been averaged in the results.

A case study of the negative effect caused by a mobile phone on blood coagulation and reversed by protective device demonstrated with darkfield microscopy
Sangitama M. Huebner

In this case study erythrocytes of healthy people after holding a mobile phone are observed. It has been shown with darkfield microscopy that the radiofrequency emitted by the mobile phone for a duration of five minutes increases the blood clotting levels. This effect was reversed by holding a protective device together with the mobile phone, which creates an energetic field compensating the harmful square and cubic rays with sinusoidal waves, for 5 minutes. A relation of EMR (electromagnetic field radiation) and the electromagnetic field of the erythrocytes are demonstrated using dark field microscopy, and show that the device affects this mechanism in a positive way by reversing the blood clotting. Ultimately, it is demonstrated that EMR alters the blood clotting mechanism, and reversal is possible.

Floww devices were tested using skin resistance
Galvanic skin response (GSR) is a method of measuring the electrical resistance of the skin, and is commonly used in the measurement of emotional or physiological arousal. It is also an indicator of stress levels when a person is exposed to varying levels of radiation and/or electrical zones.
The study results show that the variation in skin resistance during exposure to GSM radiation significantly reduces when using the personalFloww and mobileFloww. This indicates a significant stress reduction.
1.  The tests were carried out on 7 people over a period of 30 minutes, where measurements were taken every 30 seconds. Results shown are the average of a total of 112 tests conducted.
Research into the Effect of Floww Technology on plants and crops by Groeibalans
For this research the effects on the growth and development of crops, after the implementation of Floww products, was observed. Floww products use the energy from engineered radiation to create their own natural field, namely the Floww Field. The Floww Field ensures a natural environment is created for (people, animals and) plants, whereby the effects from radiation and electro-magnetic fields in the plants’ immediate environment are harmonised. In 2011 research was started into the effects on Buxus and Prunus. Both crops are important to the tree cultivation economy, but are under threat from disease. The goal of the trial was to observe and measure how, if at all, the plants were effected after treatment with Floww products.

Conclusion: improved absorption of minerals (CA, Mg, S and P) and soil improvement.
During this intense research direct influence was clearly observed, particularly mineral absorption and soil improvement. Both effects were verified through, for example, plant sap analysis and soil chromas. There was a clear, measurable effect in the analyses, which isn’t always immediately visually apparent in the crop, but indicates that positive physical changes occurred to the crop. Hereby, a number of significant points have become apparent, namely the improved absorption of difficult to absorb elements, such as Ca. Mg, S and P, after use of the Floww products.

Radiation and the electromagnetic regulation of the human body
This is an article by N. Westerman which covers the risks of radiation and the workings of Floww Technology

Research into the risks of radiation has thus far been limited to its thermal and ionizing effects. Radiation used by telecommunication has no ionizing effects. Its thermal effects are small, so small they can hardly explain the worldwide deluge of claims that such radiation does bring health risks and complaints. However, if one assumes that biological systems have access to an electromagnetic regulation level, it becomes easy to explain that even weak radiation can have negative biological effects. Shielding off from radiation appears to be hardly effective. An interesting development is a technology by which radiation is transformed into an electromagnetic field which affects biological systems positively and enhances their ability to deal with external radiation.

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