The mobileFloww is your solution for using your phone.

Less headaches, less foggy thinking, less stress.

Use on your mobile, your cordless or your tablet and reduce the effects of this radiation on your body.


Your personalFloww is to carry with you when you are out and about and to keep close to you when you are at home or at work.

Less stress and more energy to enjoy your busy life.

The personalFloww comes in two sizes:

  • Small – for women and children under 12
  • Medium – for men.


Place your screenFloww next to the screen of your computer, laptop or television and enjoy better concentration and less ‘tired eyes’.

homeFloww and officeFloww

The homeFloww and officeFloww change the environment of larger areas.  This means you can change the effect of the radiation in your home and work spaces to be more people, pet and plant friendly.

The homeFloww is effective for approximately 1000 cubic metres which is suitable for most homes.   The officeFloww covers an area of  approximately 3000 cubic metres.