The Floww Philosophy

The Floww philosophy is that no one these days is prepared to give up their technology so we need to be able to live with technology.

With that in mind Floww has developed a technology that works for us.

Floww devices are comprised of a resonant circuit which harvests the surrounding man-made energy to power the circuit.  The circuit then produces a field which is similar to the natural field of the earth which we evolved with (the ‘Floww Field’).

Our bodies recognise this natural field and ‘listen’ to it in preference to the man-made fields which results in feelings of more energy, better relaxation and improved sleep quality.

With a view towards sustainability Floww products are all designed to last.  The mobileFlowws can be changed from phone to phone, all you need is some new double-sided tape, while all of the other Floww devices are designed to be a once in a lifetime purchase – unless you lose them.

To purchase the Floww device which suits you and invest in your health……