EMF Protection That Lasts

Floww understand that you don’t want to give up your technology so you need to be able to live with that technology.

With that in mind Floww has developed a technology that works for you.

Floww devices are comprised of a resonant circuit which harvests the surrounding man-made energy to power the circuit.  The circuit then produces a field which is similar to the natural field of the earth which we evolved with – the ‘Floww Field’.

Our bodies recognise this natural field and ‘listen’ to it in preference to the man-made fields which results in feelings of more energy, better relaxation and improved sleep quality.

With a view towards sustainability Floww products are all designed to last.  The mobileFlowws can be changed from phone to phone, all you need is some new double-sided tape, while all of the other Floww devices are designed to be a once in a lifetime purchase – unless you lose them.

Floww products are for anyone living in our fast paced, high tech world.

As we use more and often stronger devices we are increasing the number of fields we are exposed to from various sources.

The amount of radiation we are exposed to on a regular basis is increasing exponentially.

Watch this short video to see what Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden has to say about non-ionising radiation and the Floww products.

Because non-ionising radiation from all sources – Wi-Fi, mobile phones and their towers, electronic gadgets in our homes, is so prevalent and increasing in strength every day we need a solution.

Floww products provide a comprehensive solution by creating a natural field around you, your home and your workplace.

The personalFloww for you – wherever you are – small for women and medium for men, the mobileFloww for your phone, the screenFloww for your computers, laptops and tablets; and the homeFloww or officeFloww to help you be more relaxed at home and at work.

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