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Motto Rheuma Patch FAQs

Floww Health Technology FAQs

What kind of pain does the Rheuma Patch work for?

It will help with most kinds of pain because it is prompting a response from your body.  It will not ‘heal’ your body but will provide pain relief.  So if you have high levels of pain it may not completely go away but will be reduced.  In the same way as other forms of pain relief you may need to reapply, just not as frequently.

How long will a pack of the Rheuma Patches last?

That depends on the size of the painful area and how big it is.  If you have a large painful area you will need a bigger piece of the patch.

So, for example, if you cut a patch into thirds then you will have up to 60 days of pain relief from one pack.  If you cut it into halves your will have up to 40 days.

Some people do not leave a patch on for the entire 10 days for various reasons so this can reduce the total application time as well.


Can I reuse the Rheuma Patch?

No, once you have removed a patch you will need to throw it away and use another piece of patch.

Why are there two sizes of personalFloww?

The reason that the personalFloww comes in two sizes is that women are more sensitive to radiation than men so they don’t need such a strong field.  Small children are also more sensitive which is why we recommend the small personalFloww for children under twelve.

In general, women are more affected by non-ionising radiation (EMF) than men and this may be because EMF radiation has a big effect on the endocrine system, and women have a more complex hormonal system than men.

This means there is no relationship between physical size and which personalFloww you should get.

The small personalFloww is for women and children under twelve and the medium personalFloww is for men.

I have dropped my personalFloww is it still ok?

The personalFloww has been designed to be tough so unless you are throwing it off the top of a 12 storey building or running over it with a steam roller it should be fine.

Should I carry my personalFloww with me all day?

Carry your personalFloww with you all the time.

If it feels strong when you first get it then carry it for a while, maybe an hour or two, then see how you are feeling with it and if it is too strong put it down for an hour or so and then pick it up again.  Repeat this process until you are not noticing it as much and gradually work towards carrying it all the time.

It should only take a few days while your body gets used to not having to deal with the radiation that surrounds us (EMF) all the time.

My personalFloww has just been through the washing machine and dryer will it still work?

It should be. The personalFloww is water resistant it is not ‘waterproof’ but a quick wash through the machine or being dropped in a toilet should not be a problem.

If you have any concerns you are welcome to return it to us to test.

If I have a personalFloww, do I need a mobileFloww?

If you have a personalFloww and have it will you all the time then in theory, no, you don’t need a mobileFloww as well.

The problem is, though, that these days mobile phones are a strong source of microwave radiation and most people carry them close to their body.

So if you are a heavy phone user and talk on your phone a lot, or if you carry your phone in a pocket or close to you for most of the day then you will also need a mobileFloww.

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