One of the little known effects from non-ionising radiation is feeling tired or feeling as though you have no energy.

Non-ionising radiation is the radiation emitted from your phone and other electronic devices.

Because it is not very strong, most people don’t think it will impact them, but it can have an effect because non-ionising radiation activates your stress response.

In itself, this would not be a bad thing because your stress response has evolved to help you deal with stress and it is part of your physiological response to stress.

The problem arises when your stress response is ‘on’ all the time and doesn’ have an opportunity to turn ‘off’.

When your stress response is activated your body goes into ‘fight and flight”. This means that your body changes a number of things to help you run faster to get away from the threat, which was necessary when you needed to run from a sabre tooth tiger, for example.

With the large number of devices you use now, and how you use your mobile phone and Wi-Fi, it is likely that your stress response is active most of the time which can mean you are not getting the sleep or nutrients you need to recover from stress.

If you think you may be affected by non-ionising radiation there are a number of things you can do to help manage your exposure.

You can reduce your exposure, which is ideal, but it is unlikely you can do this effectively because of how other people use their devices. Your neighbours may not want to turn off their modem at night…

You can put more distance between yourself and emitting devices, which will reduce the radiation considerably but you need to make sure that, as you move away from one source, you are not getting closer to another source!

You can ‘block’ the radiation, which can help a lot, but you need to understand that when you ‘block’ radiation effectively your devices will not work. You also need to understand that when you ‘block’ radiation you are reflecting it somewhere else, which may, or may not be a problem depending on where that goes.

Or, you can change the way your body responds to the radiation, which is what the Floww products do, so that your stress response is not as sensitive to the surrounding radiation.

You can also complete our questionnaire to help you determine how much non-ionising radiation could be a factor in your life.