Motto_Rheuma_Pain_Relief Patch

Drug free pain relief options you can take with you wherever you go.

Be less tired and feel less stressed in your busy digital world

Great tasting water that hydrates you as soon as you drink it.

Learn how to confidently change your food choices without being overwhelmed.

Unlock the full potential of your body’s own bio circuit.

Embrace the Bio Circuitry philosophy, where ultimate well-being stems from optimal signaling.

Discover avenues available to enhance this vital communication.

The key lies in selecting the precise action that will revolutionize your life at this very moment.

Prioritize your pain;
Optimise your diet;
Ensure you have clean, nourishing water;
Or take charge of your electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Don’t settle for anything less than a vibrant, vital life.

Unleash the power of your bio circuitry and embark on a journey towards a life transformed.

About Bio Circuitry

Your body is a bio circuit, communication between your cells takes place in a way that is similar to an electrical circuit.

The Bio Circuitry philosophy is that optimal health comes from optimal signalling and that there are many ways for you to improve that signalling.

The point is to choose the thing you need right now that will make a difference to you.

Maybe you are in pain and need to do something about that right now before you can address the next thing, or maybe you need to ‘fix’ your food, or you really need good quality water, or you are exhausted and need to do something about your EMF radiation exposure.

At Bio Circuitry we take a ‘no nonsense’ approach to wellbeing and by gradually making small changes you can achieve huge improvements in your health.

Behaving preventatively is not viewed as important so many people find themselves spending a lot of time in pain, visiting doctors and other health professional regularly and spending large amounts of money on medications.

If you don’t want that outcome then you need to start taking steps now so you don’t end up there,  and if you are already experiencing some of that, then you can change it! 

Check out our free resources below and start changing your life now.

Meet Libby Salmon

I am a preventive health catalyst. I can’t make you improve your health, no-one except you has that power, but I can point you in the right direction and hold your hand (figuratively speaking) along the way.

I grew up in the ‘burbs in northwest Sydney.

At the time, by today’s standards, it was on the outskirts of Sydney and a short drive would take you to market gardens where you could pick your own strawberries in summer.

We had a dog and chooks, chickens if you are not Australian, and an above ground pool in summer.

As a kid, I walked to school with a bunch of other kids and we hung out in each other’s houses as if they were our own. We had competitions to see who could spit their watermelon pips the furthest.

I was going to grow up to be a vet or to cure cancer. Neither of those happened.

Instead, I ended up following the path of an entrepreneur.

Looking at exciting and interesting products and ways to improve health and to bring these ideas and products to business owners and individuals. This has resulted in me starting two businesses which interact with each other.


Bio Circuitry provides tools to help you maintain and improve your wellbeing and that of your clients or staff. Floww products, to mitigate the effect of radiation from things such as phones and modems, products to help you manage pain without having to resort to using pain killers and water filters to ensure you get the best hydration.

Non-ionising radiation is everywhere these days and impacts your sleep, your energy levels, your stress levels and your overall health. It has such a big influence on modern life and I am really passionate about helping people take preventative steps to maintain their health by managing the effects from Wi-Fi and phone radiation.

Vitality Bites provides the education and information you need to be the best version of you. Courses to improve what you eat easily, without having to drastically change the way you eat. Visit to find out more.

There is no single aspect to being the best, most vital version of you.

Look around, download some of the free resources and see what might work for you.

Start with one thing.

What Clients Say

What people are saying about our products

My sleep habits have been the biggest thing to be affected by my Floww but by no means the only thing. Since having it in my pocket on a daily basis for 7 months I have found that my “hot headedness” or short temperament has eased off considerably. I feel more in control of my emotions in general and don’t stress about smaller things as much as I used to. Also, It is now a rarity for me to suffer from headaches …

Chris Rait (UK)

As an NRL player my body is under daily physical and mental duress. I have found that using Floww Health Technology products has helped keep me calm and focussed. Since using the personalFloww and mobileFloww my sleeping pattern is now regular, and I have found that my concentration and focus has dramatically improved. This all adds up to helping me perform at my optimum level. I can’t recommend Floww enough.

Ben Smith, NRL Rugby League Footballer (Australia)


In November 2011 I came in contact with Floww At that time my complaints had made me socially isolated: I just could not function amongst other people. Even my own house wasn’t liveable anymore. I could not watch TV or work behind the computer. Even my favourite hobby, gardening, or just sitting in the garden, became too much. When there was no safe place left in my home, I began to feel threatened by the radiation. After the placement of a homeFloww set, things finally improved. Since then I always carry a personalFloww with me when I go out. Now I can visit my children again or go shopping. I can recommend Floww Health Technology to everyone.

Wilma Postma, Garmerwolde(The Netherlands)


I would highly recommend Libby. I have found her to be knowledgeable and willing to share her knowledge of her products in an easy to understand manner.

Sue Knox

Sanakey worked! I did two treatments yesterday(about ten minutes each) and the pain is 80% gone this morning. I didn’t wake in the night in pain or need pain killers.


Thanks Libby. I have been very successful on your program, it was easy to follow and took me on a journey.

I ‘ve lost weight and kept it off. The most important aspect of my journey was the “education”! I was surprised how little I knew about so many fools. I love drinking water now and mentally feel the benefits every day now that I know how much i should be drinking and how important it is.

Great journey, easy to follow and long lasting results. Thanks again.

Peter Tarbotton

Lift your Lifestyle with Libby

It’s time to create a healthy lifestyle that brings you joy, laughter, self-discovery and lifelong fulfillment. 

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