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Acute and chronic pain can keep you from enjoying life. Motto Rheuma Patch is easy to use, long lasting and can be effective for up to 10 days. Put a patch on your pain and get back into your life.

Radiation Protection For Peace of Mind

In 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) listed Electromagnetic Frequency radiation (EMF) as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’, the same grouping as for lead.

Floww Health Technology is designed to reduce the adverse effects of non-ionising radiation and to support and enhance the natural energy of the body.


The patch can be left on the skin for up to 10 days as long as good hygiene is maintained.


Motto Rheuma Patch is water resistant and can be worn during showering and water activities.


Contact with the skin creates a micro-current response from the body resulting in pain relief.


From neck pain to an old ankle injury I found the patches remarkable and could not recommend it highly enough. … Read More

Be more relaxed in your busy online world

With Floww products you can change the effects of radiation in your home and work from everyday devices including microwaves, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, computers and power lines.


Your body is an electrical system,

a bio circuit, where optimal signalling

between your cells means optimal


The Bio Circuitry approach is one of general wellbeing. If your overall health is good then your immune system is better able to deal with the day-to-day factors which impact it. 

In 2014 Libby Salmon founded Bio Circuitry with a view to helping people understand that they can impact their health through their skin.

Libby is one of Sydney’s most experienced therapists using Physiokey and SCENAR and has been working with interactive neurofeedback since 2005 when she first encountered the technology and the possibilities of interactive neurofeedback.


  • Floww EMF Protection Products, start each day with more energy
  • Motto Rhuema Patch for effective drug free pain relief
  • Elevate Your Health and Your Life Book Series


We support health practictioners and health food stores with wholesale supply.

What Clients Say

What people are saying about Motto Rheuma Patches & Floww EMF Protection.

As an NRL player my body is under daily physical and mental duress. I have found that using Floww Health Technology products has helped keep me calm and focussed. Since using the personalFloww and mobileFloww my sleeping pattern is now regular, and I have found that my concentration and focus has dramatically improved. This all adds up to helping me perform at my optimum level. I can’t recommend Floww enough … Read More

Ben Smith

NRL Rugby League Player

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Motto pain patches. Within 5 minutes of putting on a patch the pain just disappears. At first I thought it might be a coincidence or a placebo effect, but after more than a dozen times I now admit it’s the patches working ‘their stuff’. My husband and I are about to start travelling with our caravan full-time so I am very pleased to have something that helps with the on-going pain in my neck and back … Read More



My sleep habits have been the biggest thing to be affected by my Floww but by no means the only thing. Since having it in my pocket on a daily basis for 7 months I have found that my “hot headedness” or short temperament has eased off considerably. I feel more in control of my emotions in general and don’t stress about smaller things as much as I used to.  Also, It is now a rarity for me to suffer from headaches … Read More

Chris Rait


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Studies show that exposure to non-ionising radiation (EMF) in the form of cell phones, microwave ovens, laptops, or Wi-Fi can negatively effects the testes, which in turn can affect sperm count, sperm motility and increase DNA damage as well as disrupt hormones and antioxidative enzymes.

Studies show that exposure to non-ionising radiation (EMF) in the form of cell phones, microwave ovens, laptops, or Wi-Fi can negatively effects the testes, which in turn can affect sperm count, sperm motility and increase DNA damage as well as disrupt hormones and antioxidative enzymes.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6240172/ Most studies are done on sperm because they are more easily studied so even though there are not the same number of studies on female reproductive organs it it likely that the effects from EMF are similar. If you...

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Here are some of our most-asked questions, if you have others please contact us.

Should I carry my personalFloww with me all day?

Carry your personalFloww with you all the time.

If it feels strong when you first get it then carry it for a while, maybe an hour or two, then see how you are feeling with it and if it is too strong put it down for an hour or so and then pick it up again.  Repeat this process until you are not noticing it as much and gradually work towards carrying it all the time.

It will only take a day or so while your body gets used to not having to deal with the radiation that surrounds us (EMF) all the time.

I have dropped my personalFloww is it still ok?

The personalFloww has been designed to be tough so unless you are throwing it off the top of a 12 storey building or running over it with a steam roller it will be fine.

My personalFloww has just been through the washing machine and dryer will it still work?

It should be. The personalFloww is water resistant it is not ‘waterproof’ but a quick wash through the machine or being dropped in a toilet should not be a problem. 

If you have any concerns you are welcome to return it to us to test.


What kind of pain does the Rheuma Patch work for?

It will help with most kinds of pain because it is prompting a response from your body.  It will not ‘heal’ your body but will provide pain relief.  So if you have high levels of pain it may not completely go away but will be reduced.  In the same way as other forms of pain relief you may need to reapply, just not as frequently.

How long will a pack of the Rheuma Patches last?

That depends on the size of the painful area and how big it is.  If you have a large painful area you will need a bigger piece of the patch.

So, for example, if you cut a patch into thirds then you will have up to 60 days of pain relief from one pack.  If you cut it into halves your will have up to 40 days.

Some people do not leave a patch on for the entire 10 days for various reasons so this can reduce the total application time as well.

Can I reuse the Rheuma Patch?

No, once you have removed a patch you will need to throw it away and use another piece of patch.

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